dr. Zsuzsanna Cseri dr. Zsuzsanna Cseri

University degree:
Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law, J.D., Budapest, 1993.

College Education:
College of Foreign Trade, B.A. in economic, 1994.

From 1994 to 1996 trainee  and from 1996 lattorney at Eörsi and Partners Law Firm.
Partner in the Bárd, Cseri and Partners Law Firm from 1999, then in the Cseri and Partners Law Offices from 2012.

From 2003 managing partner of the firm.

Postgraduate studies:
Foreign trade specialized lawyer(1999)
European law specialized  legal (2000)
Bank law specialized lawyer (2000)
Tax law specialized lawyer(2004)
Real estate law specialized lawyer (2005)
MOME Design and art management MA training (2012)

Fields of expertise: M & A, due diligence, real estate and property law, construction, project financing, company law, franchise law, banking & finance, liquidation, art market

Languages: English, German

Other: holding of seminars and lectures and graduation presentations (1999) as a full time lecturer at the department of the Ybl Miklós College, then at the College of Economy, Catering and Tourism, presentations on professional conferences, courses and meetings

Member of the Budapest Bar Association – Real Estate Section, members of the management of the land registry resort.

Budapest Bar Association registration number: 0129 / Bank account data: Unicredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
HU09 1090 0028 0000 0007 6844 0423 (HUF) / HU23 1091 8001 0000 0007 6844 1345 (EUR)